Van Gaal takes risk to use inexperienced player
December 11 2015

Although more and more things Manchester United game, and and Van Gaal has attracted criticism from the British press. Fan Lady biggest controversy lies before using Barrera, Jackson and Powell who has never played in the Champions League, they have little experience, which caused the British media exclaimed: "incredible" We offer cheap FIFA 16 gold and points .

When Van Gaal Manchester United's starting arrangement is surprisingly enough. In the fullback position, he chose Ashley - Young, did not choose Blinder cameo, but directly in young Barrera. His Uruguayan players only played 44 minutes in the final round of the league this season, no Champions League experience. Daily Mail said: "In this position, it will be a very big risk."

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But more compelling in the back. 43 minutes when Damien injured, Van Gaal and the Czech Republic did not send, nor in the Ashley - Young, but directly at the other teenager bosiweike - Jackson, 18, of Jackson's previous accumulated playing time is only 14 minutes all the adult team, This is a puzzling substitutions. Mirror said: "Van Gaal at the moment, and the rookie guard, it's amazing, it will be a big risk." The BBC said: "Van Gaal may forget how important this is related to the game survive the United States, he could not do that alternative is to understand. "If you want to know more information about FIFA 16 gold coins, please old website or contact and officail email and Skype or Facebook and Twitter.


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